File Format for Message Imports?

Hi, all.

I’m just curious as to what format messages need to be in for imports into MIAB. I’m assuming CSV, but I haven’t been able to figure out the headers. The purpose is to actually create bogus messages to use in a capture the flag event, so I’m ideally thinking I’d just make them from scratch to mimic various bogus domains and senders, and then import.

Any thoughts?


Messages? You mean emails? they follow maildir rfc:

Hi, Mitchell.

Yes, that’s exactly what I mean, and thanks for sharing the link.

I ended up finding a bit of circuitous approach, but it worked. Using Thunderbird to create a kind of file template:

  • Installed the ImportExport Tool, and in the Options, set it use the MBOX format;
  • Send a couple emails in different formats that I want to emulate;
  • Export the folder contents;
  • Modify as desired;
  • Import into MIAB;

And Robert’s your mother’s brother! :slight_smile: