Expand Nextcloud installation to backup files too?

Hi guys, fantastic product!

Wondering if the Nextcloud setup can be expanded to backup files too like Owncloud? Not just calendar or contacts.

Any recipes would be great!

thanks :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, but you have a confliction here: Nextcloud is a fork of Owncloud. Are we talking about Nextcloud or Owncloud. Your title talks about Nextcloud, but your forum post talks about Owncloud.

What’s going on here? Do you have a modified version of Mail-in-a-Box that has Owncloud on it? Do you have an external server that is hosting Owncloud?

There is no conflict here. He is asking if Nextcloud supports backups like Owncloud does. Owncloud was just a comparison. Nothing more.

OP - Yes. MIAB backups up all /home/user-data files and folders. This includes the Nextcloud instance. I believe. However you can check the backups manually to confirm.

Just FYI – MiaB was shipped with OwnCloud until v0.23.

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I have a couple of MiaB instances to upgrade to Ubuntu 18 soon … I will test this theory when I do as I also wonder and have seen conflicting comments in the past, I believe - not sure.

Can always look at the backups you have now, it will tell you.

Yeah, but if I put a specific file there that I know is mine, I will know for sure … rather than just assuming that the files restored are the same sample files that were there before. :slight_smile:

nextcloud data is stored very nicely:


So sorting out if you have ethe files is easy.


if you activated nextcloud features on the old box ubuntu 14, and you plan to upgrade to a new box ubuntu 18, don’t worry: all your Nextcloud’s config and data file will be restored to the new box if you follow standard upgrade procedure.

thanks guys

i already know nextcloud does support file backups and more. all i am asking if for a recipe how to expand the nextcloud installation mailinabox comes with.

currently it looks like there is only contacts and calendar.

for example

  • how can i log into the owncloud admin itself? is this configured in nginx already?
  • how can i install additional owncloud modules like gallery and so on?

thanks guys

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