Errorless email non-transmission?

I have been using Mail in a Box without incident for a few months. But now there is one company for which my emails to addresses at that company simply disappear. That is, I send them from my email client, there is no report of any error, they appear in my sent box normally, I receive no bounce messages or error emails concerning the messages, they never show up at their destination, and the tech guys at the company find no trace of any attempted delivery to any of their computers. It seems the messages are going into a black hole somewhere after they leave my server before they are ever sent on to their servers.

Can anyone point me to any logs, diagnostics, or troubleshooting tools/procedures that I might use to track down what is going wrong where? It is very important I be able to email this company.

Thank you so much for any thoughts/suggestions, Glen

What I would do:

  • Log on to the box with putty.
  • cd /var/log
  • tail -f mail.log
  • Send a testmail to the address that causes the problem (from your PC / roundcube / mobile)
  • Look at the log and take it from there. In a normal situation one of the last messages that shows will be that the message is accepted by the other party.