Error messages after setting up ECDSAP256SHA256 DNSSEC take 2

Good night.
I have the same problem. It started after rebooting the miab, as requested by the miab. ANd now everything is errors on top of more errors. And yet, everything works: I can send email, I receive email.
I even thought of reinstalling everything: SO, Miab - but it’s a lot of work…so for the momento a put aside the possibility.

Well, just ran sudo mailinabox. First got an error: can’t lock the dpkg… and second, sudo su, sudo mailinabox ran the install again, ok message at the end.
Accessed may miab account, - same errors.
The whois shows me a lot of stuff, the nameservers, ns. just as in my registrar.
Yet I can send mail and recive mail. So nothing changed for the moment.

Can you please create a new topic and post the errors you are receiving?

Hi, I moved this to it’s own topic.

@danp will you share the errors you are getting please?

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Hey Dan @danp

If you’re willing - just as a test - turn DNSSEC off at the registrar and see what happens … do things return to normal at that point?

OP disabled DNSSEC and things returned to normal.

I am suspecting that something is wrong with this new implementation. @JoshData

I would need more information to be convinced. As we saw in another previous issue, anything wrong on the registrar side with the DS records will result in a lot of error messages.

@danp did you delete your old DS record when you updated with the new one?

@openletter - Yes. I deleted the old entries (I had 3) refreshed the status page and all errors were gone. then I added a new entry (only 1 this time) but still got the warning about dnssec. good thing no more errors. so, untill further recommendation I leave it as it is.

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