Emails seem to not be backed up with symlink

I have a new mail in a box server and have backups running. I have a digital ocean server with a mounted storage volume. I have a symlink for the /home/user-data/mailboxes folder pointing to mounted volume.

The first full backup is ran and the largest file in my S3 bucket is 120MB’s. I have over 20GB’s of emails on this server. Does the backup not recognize the symlink to the mailboxes?

Other than my backup question everything is working great.

Thank you

Probably not.

You need to install MiaB with the STORAGE ROOT set to the partition that the mounted storage volume uses.

I already have installed MiaB and everything has been running for a couple of weeks fine. So doing a fresh install probably is not a good solution. Is there a way I can do this now or would I have to do a fresh install? For instance following this post:

Your linked post does seem to be a viable alternative since in fact once you have completed the steps your extra storage will be mounted to /home/user-data/.

The link breaks it, however since that would be the actual location, you’d be fine.

Alternatively, you could do a fresh install restoring your current back up … and setting the STORAGE_ROOT as @joshdata indicated in that thread before the part you actually quoted. This would be the path of least resistance, IMHO. However if you are comfortable with *nix enough to take the steps listed there, knock yourself out! But if you are not proficient with *nix, I would suggest taking my path instead.

Oh, and an additional thought if you chose my suggestion … spin up the new DO server, install MiaB, rsync /home/user-data/, rerun sudo mailinabox, then test … that way you don’t need to mess with restoring backups, and such.

I like your idea of a new server and rsync the user-data into the new server. Makes perfect sense with the least amount of headache.

Thank you for the help. You have been a big help!

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Just make sure that if you have DNSSEC activated, to deactivate it!!!

One question. In the machine setup section of the guide it mentions running the command below when updating.
curl -s | sudo -E bash

could I just update the STORAGE_ROOT variable to my mounted drive and run the curl command and then sudo mailinabox instead of spinning up a new DO droplet? Or changing the STORAGE_ROOT wont work with updating MiaB? Only on first install?

I cannot answer that … but my gut instinct tells me only on first install. The harm in trying?? Mail is down a couple of hours while you are setting up a second droplet to replace this one if it fails.

Yeah good point. I will have to do this over the weekend.

Thanks again

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How’d your attempt at just changing STORAGE_ROOT as an update go? Did it work?

Another issue has come up with DO and every DO IP range being blocked by proofpoint so now setting up an smtp relay has jumped to the front. Once that is figured out I will come back to the storage issue. For now I am using rsync to backup to a local drive.

I can help you with this. Feel free to reach out to me in PM.

oh cool thank you. I followed the tut below from the configure smtp usernames and pws down. I used mailjet as a smtp relay for a starting point and everything seems to be working so I will probably jump to a paid plan. One question I did have is I imagine all the settings for the relay are probably overwritten on MiaB updates correct?

Yes, the relays work well though the problem with the free plans is that too many people use them for nefarious purposes, so they are not really reliable in the long term. I have created a SMTP relay which works wonderfully with MiaB and the cost is a fraction of the paid plans from the providers such as Mailjet, etc. Of course, it does not offer the same visual benefits. It is simply a reliable relay, no more, no less. Feel free to ask for details in PM. :slight_smile:

Surprisingly, no.