Emails only getting through if I send them from my phone for some people?

Some company email servers seem to only accept my mailinabox emails if I send them from my phone and not from the web mail. I use aquamail from my phone. Would using Thunderbird or another desktop client resolve this issue? People using things like gmail and Yahoo never have any issue getting my emails, it’s just some companies’ email servers. My phone client is aquamail on Android if that gives any hints.

It’s possible those companies you are emailing could be filtering your email. It’s likely an issue on their end, not yours. Have them check their spam filters / junk folders first.

And have them whitelist your server if possible as well.

But howcome they get the emails just fine if I send them through aquamail/my phone? There has to be something about how they get sent via the web mail causing them to get blocked by some companies I think.

how is your email setup on your phone?

Aquamail just connects and sends through the server like any other email client