Emails getting sent to spam

I finally have my mail in a box server setup but when I email a gmail account it gets sent to spam. What can i do about this so that I don’t get sent to spam? Thanks.

Hi, could you provide some more information? When you login to the box are there any warnings or errors on the System Status page?

Also, there are things to consider like what are you sending in your emails? What is the reputation of your sending IP and domain name? Sender reputation takes time to build up. If all is well in your System Status page you should start using the numerous resources on the internet to check your sender reputation and go from there. My experience with Gmail is that if it’s a first time email exchange to a user, it usually will be sent to spam. Your receiver can simply mark it as “Not Spam” and it won’t be sent there again.

So i checked my domain on

I found out that my email is being sent to spam because i just registered it 2 days ago. So i just need to wait a little while and I should be fine. So i figured it out.