Emails disappearing from inbox

I’ve recently started noticing recieved emails disappearing from the inbox on the web interface. Everything has been fully setup and functioning for a week now. I had originally transferred all of the emails using a program to transfer all the emails between mail servers. Backups are on. Any clue why recieved emails just disappear after awhile?

When backups happen, they dont remove emails, do they?

No, they do not. Are you using a POP3 client at all?

I don’t think so. I normaly have people use the generic iMac Mail app to access mail. Roundcube shows the same thing. There should be alot more inbox messages than showing.

Using IMAP or POP3 … if the POP3 settings are incorrect email will be downloaded rather than stored on server … which COULD be the issue you are experiencing due to an improperly configured client.

I am concerned though with your question along with another topic discussing shrinking backups … @JoshData

I had the same problem with Apple Mail. You can verify, your mail is not deleted, by searching it manually on the mail folder.

Within a couple of days, the mail will be back. It’s an apple issue

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Is that my topic you are referring to or is there another one about shrinking backups? (I still am unclear as to why my latest backup shrunk to one third of its former size)