Emails are marked as spam or junk on the other domain

I have MIAB installed on a droplet(DigitalOcean) that serves multiple domain.
However, emails coming from my other domains are being marked as spam/junk.

Domains: (primary) - mails are good - mails are spam

MIAB is on domain1
The receiver of emails that serves as a test is my gmail and outlook accounts.

Thanks for the help!

gmail and both block a lot of DigitalOcean IP blocks. Contact their support to get your specifically unblocked.

but…how come emails on domain1 is not being marked as spam or junk?

how long has domain1 been registered with the registrar (time matters here) where both domains purchased at the same time?

If you have DNSSEC, that might be playing a part.

just recently, earlier this year and i dont think it has dnssec

Can you send me the email headers/source so I can see why it was blocked?

Sorry I don’t have an answer, I’d contact google and have them remove your IP’s from the block list.

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