Email getting sent to spam

I have set up my mailinabox over a month ago. I am no longer on any spam lists, yet I keep getting sent to spam when I send an email to any major email provider. my domain is Can you give me some tips to help fix this please?


From the major mail providers you should be able to view the headers (e.g., view raw message, view original, etc.). If they detect problems, you will be informed there.

You also may be informed in log messages with their mail server. You can find these in /var/log/mail.log

And have you checked I have often discovered myself to be on a list there that isn’t elsewhere.

Also, try listing your server at Spamassassin and others use this service in the default config.

Otherwise, just wait a while to build a good reputation.

In addition to what @openletter mentions, the actual content of your emails makes a huge difference sometimes.

It would be worth sending a sample of a typical email to the address provided by for their feedback.

Also, who is your VPS provider? Some providers are hopelessly lost on internal blacklists at many incoming email providers.

In the end you may just need to find a SMTP relay to insure deliverability. I have partnered with a major ESP to create a low cost option for MiaB users.

I am using digital ocean. Also I tested the content of my email and it was fine.

i have tested out and i got off one blacklist i was one. It still gets sent to spam when i send to gmail.

If you’ve tried all of the other options, then you may just have to wait for the mail gods to bless you.