Editing DNS Zone Records


I just installed the v0.52 MIAB and it’s running fine. I’d like to be able to edit the DNS zone records (specifically the 'spf entry), but I can’t see how.

I can run the /admin, click on System, then External DNS and I can see all the records with brief descriptions of each (very nice). But how can I change them. The “Download” button opens up a window with all the records, but then what?

I didn’t see anything in the setup guide. Did I miss it? It’s a vanilla installation with no subdomains. I’m using Gandi as the registrar and DO as the hosting site.

I’m a relatively sophisticated Linux user, so I understand the risks.

Thanks in advance, -Chuck

On the custom DNS page in the admin area.

Add a custom entry for the record you want to change and it will replace the existing record. @cc.noyes

Yup. That did it. Thanks!