Domain appears with double ending when using custom mx record


im kinda confused atm. So i’ve added a custom mx record for one of my domains on my MIAB machine.
I’ve set an A record to point at the and set the mx for the domain. mx 10

But when i dig the mx record for this domain it appears like this: MX

I am actually really confused. I’ve also looked into the zone files but it appears the same as i configured it on the admin panel.

I really hope someone can help me.

PS: ive already waited more then 24 hours in case they would update for some reason.

Where did you set this?

For example, if setting MX records for external DNS (like at a registrar for example) you may need different syntax.

EG Godaddy’s syntax for this is:

Host: @ (Means use A record
Priority: 10

If you want, PM me and we can discuss logs, and I’ll need a real hostname as well.

Ive sent you a message.

But no i’ve set those record on the admin panel of my Mailinabox server. (in the custom dns tab).

When you set records there please be sure that you are NOT including the domain name as it is pre-filled for you. But you mentioned the MX record - there would be NO need to configure the MX record anywhere within MiaB unless for some reason you are hosting DNS for a domain which is using some other mail server, which would be somewhat odd, but possible.

Im using mailinabox for a pretty long time now. So i know how i put in the records :slight_smile: And yes this is the scenario you just described. The domain is using my mailinabox as DNS but i want to use an external mailserver.

I’ve setup my own nameservers now and it works fine. Seems to be a bug in the v0.30 version.

Seems quite possible. I have reproduced the error on a box I have that is running v0.30. I get the same results - when I dig the MX record it comes with the domain.tld repeated but if I look at the custom.yaml file it is fine.

However the same error shows in the actual signed zone file at /etc/nsd/zones/

oh ok thats “good”… i was really going crazy about this :smiley: didnt made sense at all for me… especially since the zone files looks perfect without the additional domain ending. But i guess its probably fixed in the latest version?

EDIT: Oh ok it only seems to appear in the signed zone file… its correct in the non signed

Please see my edit … and yes, I would think, and hope that the issue has been corrected in v0.40. At least I have not seen any similar complaints, yet. Knock on wood.

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Nope, this is a bug in v0.40 as well. I will open an issue on GitHub.

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nice! thank you for adding it!

This doesn’t really have anything to do with Mail-in-a-Box. See:

MIAB is adding the domain twice:

EG: Which is a scripting issue I would imagine since it appears in dig and zone file?


Nope, Josh is correct … I can only speak for myself, but I did indeed not include the trailing dot. When I added it, the record was correct.

Maybe the message needs to be in RED? :stuck_out_tongue:

Enter record in the form of PRIORITY DOMAIN., including trailing period (e.g. 20

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So are we saying, no dot = double or nothing on the TLD?? :wink: Still feel like that should be addressed in the script / api…

I will leave the issue open on GitHub for you to make that argument. :slight_smile:

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Alright, here comes the best argument in the world. :smiley: (In a good way)

It would be good to fix.