Does mail-in-a-box works with Centos 7?


Does mail-in-a-box works with Centos 7 ?
Also is it possible to avoid Nginx installation as i already have it installed or maybe the installation can detect it and skip it?


It “could” work, but it may not work. It will be unsupported and may have bugs or will show incorrect behavior. For Debian - i think it should work. CentOS… I’m not sure - in my opinion getting this working on Debian is not as complicated as with CentOS.

You WILL need a fresh and clean installation of the OS. Thats because MiaB will get the whole control over your machine and will modify several things, like your Nginx Installation & Configuration. If you have already installed something on your sever, you should know that it will or can be removed by updates or by the installation itself.

If you want something more custom, i think you should go over to other mail solutions :wink:

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