Does Mail-in-a-box support user generated accounts?

I need it so anyone can sign up/create an account/get an email address. Have the user create an email address , eg:

User accounts are created by an admin through the dashboard or via the API.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you give me some clues on what mail server/config that supports user created accounts?

To be clear, you can use the API to create user created accounts, you would just have to write your own front end that would utilize the API to do so.

(As far as I know this is common for most all in one solutions. I believe it is true for Mailcow and iRedmail, the two common comparable solutions.)

I’ve never messed around with Webmin, but that or maybe with one of the myriad modules you can accomplish your goal. (Based on issues I’ve seen elsewhere, I don’t recommend the similar proprietary solutions such as cPanel.)

From this topic, there’s a PHP registration script that might still work for this:

I’ve actually made a fork of that project, that has a few little changes and that I keep on trying to find the time to work on a lot more. If anyone wants to create issues or PRs then please do, and we will try to get round to doing more with it soon.

Thanks everyone … :sunflower: