Taking on free email providers?

I saw that video on how to set up mail-in-a-box https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WOmkoEYMIg

There is only a user reg module that is needed before it becomes like an automated email service - yahoo mail? Maybe that could be done using nodejs?

Any you techies interested in doing this plugin please for nontechies?

Urgent help needed for Foss opensource.

I haven’t updated this in 2 years-ish, but I had this idea a while ago:

It worked well back in the day, but I am unsure if it has any security issues or if it needs to be updated.

@ murgero,

Super it helps Foss opensource a great deal.

I guess your user reg script and Miab is like experimenting on the free webmail concept.

Something about not keeping software up to date recently cropped up - Squirrelmail the free webmail client got removed from cPanel and hosting companies because the php code hasn’t been updated for a long time.

Please keep your user reg script up to date, what help do you need?

I might use your script and your help - https://www.vultr.com/docs/how-to-install-mail-in-a-box-on-ubuntu-18-04 I reckon I shall need your help to make a go. So do you want to be like a guru and help me out. If you are a very busy guy then at this moment my only other option is perhaps to use Windows though there could be extra costs for example outbound spam prevention. My interests are in Foss and opensource though I understand there are supply and demand problems.

I am really surprised about you doing your project some years ago and there not been enough interest by Miab user base and other email projects because after searching Foss and opensource I could not find it.

I would be happy to help, however I would require a fee for assisting in setting up any kind of hardware / software. Advice is always free of course if you have questions if you decide to do it yourself.

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I looked a little bit in the source code and I think it would work nowadays, maybe with some slight modifications.

Keep in mind that MiaB doesn’t have mail quotas enabled and that you will extend the script with some things of disabling “popular” email addresses.

You probably also want to extend the script to register more information of a user.

A couple of years, I also created something like this in Ruby on Rails, but that source code isn’t in a running state anymore. It uses a separate database to register the user data and it contains my first intentions to learn something of OpenAuth.

What’s your idea?

It will definitely need modification in order to get more user information. It was made as an in-house registration script for end-users to “claim” their emails and set their passwords so.

Thanks. I am not a techie though from the video it does seem that a nontechie could install Miab. Your user reg script I might need your help.

@sander-schippers has brought this quota thing, so I might need help here – @jrsupplee did some impro - Quotas Implementation

I can help setting up, but as I said in a previous response, advice is always free, but actual work (beyond basic testing like a ping, nslookup, etc) would be for a fee. Feel free to message me for details - I am not that expensive :slight_smile:

Messaged :vulcan_salute:


Probably … sadly scripts never seem to just work – no matter how well written they are.

I can confirm that @jrsupplee’s quota version of MiaB works perfectly with the v 0.41 release. Though he has not released it for v 0.42b. I have pinged him, but sadly no response yet. :frowning:

IMHO, you absolutely DO want a quota set up … and should also consider a strongly worded ToS against spamming. And, you are going to need to pay for a premium SMTP mail relay as people suck. That is, unless you are going to keep this project available ONLY to a select group of people …

Smtp relay might become expensive https://kinsta.com/knowledgebase/free-smtp-server/

Longshot - couldn’t Miab be put inside Wordpress because then you get unlimited send email SendWP ($9/month per site, very easy to setup)

Sure, let’s all give Google even more data to mine our information from and use it for their profit. No thanks! That afterall, is one of the reasons that @JoshData started this project.

Besides, with what the OP proposed there will be one heck of a lot more mail than 100 per day sent.

Only looked at the Smtp astro prices and wanted to see low cost and free solutions.

Miab has Roundcube as the webmail client gui. I prefer to change text editor or to have it tweeked. Seen https://summernote.org/ - is it possible to make custom text editor and bolt on to Roundcube. There are other Foss and opensource webmail client gui’s, if Roundcube can’t be tweeked.

For launching free webmail service the tweek I require is changing the letter k / K to sanskrit ka 0915 unicode glyph क / क
when Krishna (कrishna) the Supreme Personality of Godhead appeared in this world. I am independent and not associated to any organization.

On the text editor fonts list options, I’d prefer these two fonts because they have substituted k / K for क / क

There is probably a plugin you can install - However given how many tweaks you want to pull off here it might be better to go with a different solution than MIAB. As this is all VERY out of the scope for MIAB.

Try Mailcow or Cloudron instead, and see if they have the options you need / want.

I did email Mailcow as I could not understand German language, have not heard from them.

Have you seen Modoboa? https://modoboa.readthedocs.io/en/1.2.0/plugins/webmail.html It is interesting because it could show where the text editor bolts on the webmail client gui’s :

"Now, each user has the possibility to choose between CKeditor and the raw text editor to compose their messages."

There is on webmail gui client, perhaps there is on Miab’s Roundcube:

  1. text editor for example, CKeditor (these Foss & opensource text editors are easily customizable)
  2. raw editor

There is a location in the code about placing the text editor like this on Modoba (and perhaps because it’s Foss & opensource also on Miab’s Roundcube like so) :

"Modoboa supports CKeditor to compose HTML messages. To use it, first download it from the official website, then extract the tarball:"
$ cd <modoboa_site_dir>
$ tar xzf /path/to/ckeditor/tarball.tag.gz -C sitestatic/js/
"And you’re done!"

Their site and product are also in english:


I did go to English language site but it was not as user-friendly to find out more, like you have on Miab because you have video and cloud hosting companies know about Miab.

Here is the email I sent to Servercow.de :

On 8/22/19, … wrote:
I don’t understand German. Please tell me what you are offering and
your prices.