Does deleting the spam folder's contents affect Bayes

A while ago, I was managing my own mail server and now I have found and been using MiaB for over a year. Before that, it was Modoboa, and before that, myself. Back then, I started the bad habit of keeping the spam in the folder rather than deleting it, so that when I moved to another service, I could retrain it. MiaB is awesome and I would like to start deleting those useless emails, now.

So, my question is as the title asks. Will clearing out the spam folder affect Bayes in any way? Am I right in believing that it has learned enough and doesn’t need them anymore?

  • P.S. I have checked on the accounts on the system and Bayes is marking everything correctly.

Sorry, what is Bayes?

Bayes is the learning spamassassin filter. When I was managing it myself, I had to manually run the learn command. It was a pain. At the time, I wasn’t able to figure out how to get it to learn by moving emails in and out of the spam folder.

Any update on this? I’m curious as well. Thank you.