Does backup include calendar/contacts/files?

Just finished setting up. It’s awesome, thanks!
Does the Amazon backup save everything? Even files and photos uploaded to NextCloud’s “Drive”?
Thanks again

backup includes everything in /home/user-data. (Which I believe also houses the NextCloud contacts.)

Thanks for answering.
I looked into /home/user-data and found an owncloud folder with files inside. Sure does seem like it’s being backed up.
I wonder if someone can tell us for sure that this is indeed backed up. Maybe someone who restored a backup? Or the author of mail-in-a-box? It’s nice to know these things for certain when you replace all of Google’s services with your own cloud.

Download the backup files from your MIAB, open in 7zip and explore it friend :slight_smile:

I am not sure it does include the calendar… see All calendar entries for one user (me) gone