DNS TXT does not work

I am still pre-0.30 and to verify some gitlab pages I need a new TXT record. However, it’s not working and I have done this before - namely as a challenge to obtain a certification via letsencrypt. However, I have this:

which was the result of the command line:

curl -X POST -d "gitlab-pages-verification-code=1375b46a361a689f4ee279e62ab6e39e" https://box.linki.tools/admin/dns/custom/_gitlab-pages-verification-code.linki.tools/txt
updated DNS: linki.tools

And yet the TXT just doesn’t show up when the domain is queried. Does anyone know what could be going on or how to debug this further?

DNS takes time to propagate. It will show up local to MIAB, but for the rest of the world can take up to 48 hours (though rarely ever takes that long).

I just did a dig for the TXT record from your MiaB and it did not come back. Please check in the admin area System>Custom DNS that the entry is present. I suspect that it is not. You can add it from that page.

Check the file /home/user-data/dns/custom.yaml

It should have the following in it:

TXT: gitlab-pages-verification-code=1375b46a361a689f4ee279e62ab6e39e

(please do not copy my actual code as it may not be accurate)

May I suggest running the installation script and upgrading to at least v0.30 though you really SHOULD upgrade your OS as Ubuntu 14.04 is End of Life.

Never seen it take more than a few minutes and it has been several hours. I don’t think it’s a propagation problem.

I am really surprised, the TXT record is indeed there at the end of the file:

  TXT: gitlab-pages-verification-code=1375b46a361a689f4ee279e62ab6e39e

I am really out of ideas because a dns query doesn’t return any results yet.

@pmatosThis is something that probably should be reported on GitHub.

If the entry is in the custom.yaml file then it should be there. Have you looked at the actual zone files?

The only TXT record that shows up for me is your SPF one. I would wait another few hours and see if it comes up sometime after dinner (or breakfast depending on where you live).

Edit: If we assume something is wrong (maybe with the API) can you add a new TXT record in the admin panel just for shits and giggles?

Edit 2: Using your box as a nameserver for a test, I was only able to get SPF from it as well:

This might be a bug in the API you used (specifically for TXT records?) so a report on github as @alento recommended would probably benefit the developer too. In this case, I redact my previous statement.

The tools I use for DNS troubleshooting (because it’s super easy to understand and shit) is

Again … I strongly recommend upgrading to at least v0.30. Which version are you actually running?

I guess you mean Gitlab. I don’t see how this could be their fault. Where are the actual zone files?

No, MIAB is hosted on GitHub: https://github.com/mail-in-a-box/mailinabox

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No, GitHub: Issues · mail-in-a-box/mailinabox · GitHub

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Ah, I see what you mean. Sorry!


Posting a link directly to issues, where as mine is just to the project, I’ll 1up you though and post a link to CREATE A NEW ISSUE AUTOMATICALLY!!! >:)

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Hey! I started typing first … just slower, lol! :slight_smile:

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Which version of MiaB ARE you running?

And to add to this question, WHY haven’t you updated to post-0.30? I see no standing benefits to this unless you have made some modifications to your MIAB installation and cannot update to Ubuntu 18.04?

using version 0.30…

Then why did you say pre-0.30?

Because I knew I was still using ubuntu 14.04 but I didn’t know which version it was specifically. Sorry.

DNS is still not there. I will update to the most recent one before opening a bug.

Functionally, v0.30 and v0.41 are identical however the developers are not supporting the older version anymore, so it would be a requirement to upgrade first as their response will be to upgrade. Would you be willing to PM me a copy of your /home/user-data/dns/custom.yaml file?