DNS Slow Resolution

The server is working, DNS resolves, but it is painfully slow to resolve. I’ve attached a screenshot below -

1400 ms for a 403 page is a long time for the DNS to resolve. Just to give an example, one of my websites’ DNS loads in 280 ms which is pointed to an external portfolio-hosting service. It resolves momentarily!

I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to DNS, but I know that a website should be fast, and in my case it used to load in about 1.5 seconds. What can I do to minimize this DNS loading time, as reported by pingdom?


DNS has a complicated process with a lot of interlocking parts. Are those kind of delays consistent for your site?

Yes, such delays are consistent for all of my sites that are hosted on my mailinabox

Would it be possible to change my DNS to being external, so my hosting provider (DO) would resolve all of the DNS? If so, how would I go about doing that? Or maybe even just to have a secondary nameserver as my hosting provider.

I figured out what the problem was (or at least a part of it)! My hostnames (glue records) were incorrectly configured at Godaddy - ns1.box was pointing to the correct IP and ns2.box was pointing to the outdated server’s IP. That’s it!

Here’s the screenshot of the DNS resolving -

Anyway, I’m thinking of using cloudflare, just to be on the safe side :wink: