DNS setup glue records

Hello I’m trying to set up my glue records and it’s saying they’re not set but I know they’re set up at my register. How do I fix this

Try running dig ns example.com and see what name server is reported back. It should be ns1.box.example.com and ns2.box.example.com.

It gave me back nothing like there’s no authoritative servers for it

If you look up the WHOIS record with a tool other than your registrar, such as whois example.com, does it show a name server? If not, then you do not have a correctly configured name server record with the registrar.

My tld is not supported for external whois

Try using gwhois.org.

It gave me back my name servers It shows that they are correct

Does it report the same records in both the DNS section in the left column and the DNS NS record section in the right column?

You could try DNSQueries, but it seems like there is some issue getting records from the .tk servers?


The server itself is reporting the name servers are not set but I set it at my domain register and the whois shows that they’re set as well

Well, if .tk isn’t serving it, it doesn’t matter how it is set at those places. I’m not sure how to fix that, other than file a support ticket or maybe to wait see if somehow the TLD servers get updated after some time.

I’ve set it since 1:00 a.m. in the morning and it’s now 8:52 a.m. for me It should have already been updated and I’ve used the same domain before all I’ve changed was my server provider

I just SSHed into my server and it spat out that it can’t resolve the domain I set it to but I was able to connect to the server maybe rerunning setup will help

Rerunning the setup program did not help

This appears to be an issue with the .tk servers not being updated. You might try opening a support ticket with your registrar.

Okay I’ll try opening up a support ticket but may I ask why does it show up in the whois even though it’s not updating because it did remove the old authoritative DNS when I initially put in my custom glue records and authoritative records

I don’t know how the .tk TLD servers are updated, but since other servers 'round the 'net are not able to find a NS record, the problem seems to be there.

Did you configure DNSSEC?

freenom doesn’t support that