DNS record unset

Yesterday afternoon/evening, my MIAB DNS record was somehow unset. The admin and roundcube web interfaces were unreachable. This morning when I investigated, I noticed that there was no longer a record for box.example.tld, example.tld or www.example.tld. I have no idea how this happened as I hadn’t made any changes to the box since upgrading to 0.26c.


Is the nameservers set at the registrar?

No, everything had been set in the web interface: box.example.tld/admin. Mail stopped working in late afternoon/evening yesterday, although I guess slow DNS migration allowed me to access the page through tor and fix it this morning.

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glad it is at least fixed. what happened?

Really no idea. Email stopped working and when I checked, there we no entries for box.example.tld, www.example.tld or example.tld. Subdomains that were pointing at different IP addresses were still there.