DNS Not cleaning up everything on last email removal

I was testing a web app that needed its own subdomain.example.com it seemed that it was all fine and good until I followed the instruction to delete the remaining email for user@subdomain.example.com I have removed this email and what should’ve been the subdomain and its MX records and run the /root/mailinabox/management/dns_update.py however it seems that it’s still processing DNS records for subdomain.example.com in the status page and when you run dns_update.py it still shows the record and DNS status checks for that domain.

✓	Domain's email is directed to this domain. [subdomain.example.com ↦ 10 box.example.com]
✓	MTA-STS policy is present.
✓	Postmaster contact address exists as a mail alias. [postmaster@subdomain.example.com ↦ administrator@box.example.com]
✓	Domain is not blacklisted by dbl.spamhaus.org.
✓	Domain resolves to this box's IP address. [subdomain.example.com ↦]
✓	TLS (SSL) certificate is signed & valid. The certificate expires in 70 days on 2022-03-19.

Update, I just upgraded to the latest version of MAIB as well and subdomain.example.com apparently still exists on the status page.

✓	All system services are running.
✓	SSH disallows password-based login.
✓	System software is up to date.
✓	Mail-in-a-Box is up to date. You are running version v55.
✓	System administrator address exists as a mail alias. [administrator@box.example.com ↦ rootuserbossmang@box.example.com]
✓	The disk has 1000 TB space remaining.
✓	System memory is 79% free.

Do you mean you deleted all the email accounts, or just the messages in the accounts?

I’m trying to delete the entire subdomain so there are no dns records left. You’re supposed to delete all email users to be able to remove a domain from being managed by MAIB.

I just answered my own question. . . and now feel silly. I didn’t realize you also must delete aliases I only saw mention often of just deleting the email accounts you must also delete all aliases as well…

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