Delete a domain from mail-in-a-box

Hello, I successfully setup multiple domains in my mail-in-a-box server. But now I want to remove one of them. So I delete the users and aliasses from this domain. I also removed the folder on de server.
But in the status-check the domainname is still visible. Also in the external DNS the data is not removed.
Does anyone has an idea how to remove this?

Do you have any users/aliases set up on a subdomain of that domain?

Thanks Josh, of course I did delete those. But there are two aliases which I can’t delete. They are: admin@… and the postmaster@… Everything else is gone. I did see a person who had the same problem but there was no answer giving to this problem.

Ah. Are the aliases mapped to something other than the default (administrator@yourmaindomain)?

Yes, they are mapped to a domain other than it’s own domain. So I recreated a user and connect the aliases to this user and then delete the domain again. But no succes. Any other tips?

Reset them both to administrator@yourprimarydomain and then they should either both disappear or maybe add and remove a new alias on that domain and then they should disappear. Sorry the logic for whether an address is removable isn’t quite right.

Thanks for the help. That solves the problem! You must make the email address administrator@yourprimarydomain.

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