DNS issue after removing domain

I have an issue where Domain A and Domain B were both being hosted on my MIAB server.

Domain B is now using G Suite, and I removed all accounts from Domain B from MIAB.

Domain A is not able to send emails to users at Domain B now:

Server error: 550 5.1.1 Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table

Any ideas on how to fix?

Remove all user accounts for domain B from your box. If that doesn’t work, manually add MX records to the box for domain b

Thanks, I had already removed the account for Domain B some time ago. Do you know where I can go to manually add the MX records?

Since you are no longer using MIAB for DNS (removed all accounts) you need to sign into your domain b registrar and set DNS there.

So, I suspect that your MiaB is still thinking that it is hosting mail for someone on that domain … is it possible that you have an alias that wasn’t removed?

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You are right - I assumed that aliases would have been removed along with the main accounts when they were deleted, and they were not.

As soon as I deleted the aliases, MIAB noted that the DNS configuration had been updated.

I think this probably solved the problem - thank you!

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