DNS has just crashed on my box

My box has seemed to fall apart DNS wise. There were no public records for the box and the status page shows mostly all red X’s. I could not find a source and I scrubbed the forums looking for answers but nothing I found worked. I had to get mail up so I decided to rebuild the box from scratch not using a backup or snapshot and use the same host name. Once the new box was up I was getting the exact same issues. I then registered a new domain and built another box using this domain and new host name. It all works fine now. I still have no idea what is happening with the first domain.

I don’t mind keeping this new box but migrating mail is a huge hassle. I am wondering if there is a recommendation to move the mail data to the new box of different host name. This is a personal mail server so its not a ton of mail or accounts.

Miab ver: 0.50
Host: Digital Ocean


Is DNSSEC enabled on the domain at the registrar? If so, turn it off.

I did. I moved to new registrar as well. DNSSEC had been working fine before this failure

Pm me your hostname and domain that you are serving if different please if you’d like me to take a look. :slight_smile:

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