DNS for External WEB site

Can’t seem to get the DNS record correct for “www.domain.com” keeps pointing to my mail-in-a-box server. Created an “A” record with the IP address. Addressing “domain.com” w/o the “www” works fine.

Hi, i also have a problem with the custom dns function. I did the setup and the mail function works very good, but i also want to use the DNS server for my websites.
I have settup all the records i need for the domain but when i access it it shows the MiaB html page. Why?

I found the problem, i was missing the DOT at the end for the CNAME!

Did you create an A record for your site as well?

Well i found out the hard way, what my problem is!
I host my sites at my business location using a residential internet access, because the speed is very good and after having a lot of trouble with different VPS providers, i decided that self hosting is the way to go. Also the ISP provides a DYN DNS service that is very reliable and fast (60s after IP change!). So for more than a year i am hosting all my sites myself, using a free dns service. Now i rented a VPS and installed the MiaB and thought that it would be best to also host my DNS, but there is a problem:
When you delete a A record form the custom DNS panel then the NSD changes to the MiaB page, so i cannot use my dyndns host name.
Is there a workaround to having a zone file without a A record? With only a CNAME?

After some research i found a workaround for my particular problem. I used the MiaB DNS API and the Open WRT firmware on my router to update the A record for domain, each time the IP changes. Anyone interested in the details can contact me.

And to be on point since i kinda highjacked your thread, it is necessary to have a A record for a custom domain! If you want to redirect www to a non-www version please use a CNAME to point the www one to the non-www domain. Dont forget to put a “dot” at the end of the CNAME value.
www.example.com CNAME example.com.

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