DKIM Did not "verify"

MX Toolbox reports that my DKIM signature did not verify its self in a email apparently it responded with a different signature than the one posted in the DNS does anyone know how to fix?

Are you using “external DNS” or the box with glue records?

No. I am using the Custom DNS

I’m not sure what you mean. Your using the box’es dns??

If your using some custom dns outside of the box are you sure you entered the correct dns entries manually?

I am using the box dns

What are you using to send the message with?

Does the domain in the header signature in the email match the record on the ‘External DNS’ page?

No. But there is only one DKIM key and that is the one that mailinabox made so I am confused. The DKIM public key for example is p=miib and the one it returns in a mail is completely different

In the message header there should be (or with subdomain, when mailed from subdomain) and s=mail, because mail is the selector configured by MiaB.

The DKIM txt record will be located at and should be in the ‘External DNS’ page (just an easy way to find it).

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