Discourse is crap

I switched on 18.04. I have to edit manually a config file as explained here

I cannot add reply to my previous post due to discourse

Yea that can be confusing, it is to help prevent spam I think.

Anyway - to continue, you moved to 18.04 and made the config change via link in OP and now all is well or…?

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Ahh yeah - I hate that ‘feature’ but it is understandable. You usually can participate fully after the second day.

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After restoring from S3, after changing the file manually and after 1 reboot.
it worked!

I guess some inbound email have been lost. because i personally sent some email in the afternoon that never reached the new server.

Hey… finally I can reply!
Thanks a lot to all

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Well done! There is also a Slack workspace you can join (I only saw this today).