Disable Spam Assasin

Hi, anybody can you help me how to completely disable the spam filterartion via spamassasin


+1 I also want this. It will save hell of a lot memory.

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@Bochalee @Dibbyo456

Did either of you ever figure out how to do this?

Yes, I know this is a very old post haha.

Nope. I gave up trying.

Try 3rd options: Completely disabling Spamassassin / Spamhaus

and reboot.



Well I went ahead and tried that haha.

Now we’ll see if I get overwhelmed with spam. :slight_smile:

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JonD, I doubt you will get overhelmed with spam as legitimate businesses know it is criminal to send unsolicited commercial ads via email, telephone, or postal mail. You can always contact your local police, such as Scotland Yard or FBI and tell them that you are being harrassed by spam.

Make sure you keep the logs including the IP numbers of the spammer.

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