Disable IPv6 on my MIAB-Configuration


is it possible to disable IPv6 for my MIAB installation?

Background: I’ve a static IPv6 address for my server but a dynamic IPv6 prefix.


–If you don’t manually set it in MIAB server then it wont be used.–

that’s actually not 100% true, If the IPv6 address is not a public address then it wont be used.

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bumped for reasons I guess, just filling

Only add the IPv4 address for your hostname. From remote, the access will be over IPv4; for sending email, the choice is for the server. IPv6 if available; IPv4 otherwhise

But i don’t know what the influence is on the DKIM record.

I looked up at google and found https://clientarea.ramnode.com/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=108. It’s possible to do only ipv4 delivery.

Just try.

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