Custom Fail2ban

Hello all,
I have noticed, that on my vps fail2ban not working - no blocking.
My vps provider recommended to me to download their fail2ban package to work on my vps.
So, if I unpack that custom fail2ban to server. Will be there problems with future updates of mailinabox?


As this package is not maintained by Mail-in-a-Box, there’s no telling what will happen if it is installed. It could definitely interfere with MIAB. Note that MIAB is designed to be idempotent and self-maintained so external packages may interfere with reliable operation and are unsupported.

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@xpczko I’ve customized my fail2ban with an IP blocklist that I am able to control, even though the recidive, as well grown the ignoreIP list. Before updating Fail2ban, i would always backup the /etc/fail2ban folder to keep the settings.