Content of NextCloud folders

Dear Community,
this is my first post, so let me start from saying THANK YOU for this fantastic project! I have been looking for a while for a self-hosted email server solution friendly to a non-professional user. I am so glad I have discovered Mail-in-a-box.

My server is up and running with all the status checks in green. My installation is a very regular one, no alterations vs. the Josh’s great tutorial which worked for me perfectly.

My question is about the NextCloud instance which comes as a part of the MAIB installation package. I also run my own NextCloud server on a dedicated hardware at home and I managed to connect the two (MAIB on VPS and my home NC server) by WebDAV. I created a shared folder, accessible from both NC instances, through which I could in theory share files between the two. In theory - because in practice it only works one way.

This means:

  • If I do something in the shared folder from my home NC side (e.g., copy files into it), I can see them on the MAIB NC. I can see them both through the NC web interface, as well as by navigating to the NC folders in the command line on my MAIB server.
  • However, if I do something on the MAIB side (e.g., copy some files into the shared NC folder through the command line), I cannot see it when accessing the shared folder from my home NC side…

Practical use case - I thought I would use it as a quick way to retrieve my secret_key.txt file to decrypt backups (yes, I know there are other ways and this is not the safest one). I copied it to the shared folder, it was the most definitely there, but I couldn’t see it from my home NC end. I will retrieve it in some other way, this is less of an issue, but could someone possibly help me understand why NextCloud on MAIB behaves this way? What do I miss?

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