Changing DNS records on GoDaddy

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I followed the setup instructions as best I could, but when it came to specifically changing the DNS records it had a link to GoDaddy and the links did not help me.

Also I looked in the forum for posts about GoDaddy but none of the post addressed the problem I’m having.

The first thing I attempted was to simply change the Name Server records on GoDaddy to

GoDaddy does not give you the option of also assigning an IP address to the names


So since GoDaddy’s system could not resolve the names

to an actual IP address it rejects them: It will not let you put them in there.

So now I’m thinking how do I get these two names associated with my digital ocean droplet IP. So this is what I did.

I went to GoDaddy and made these changes to my DNS record.

Type Name Value
A @ 000:000:000:000 <— digital ocean IP
CNAME box @
CNAME ns1:box @
CNAME ns2:box @

This fixed some of the problems in the MIAB status screen: However, the status still says,

The nameservers set on this domain at your domain name registrar should be ns1:box:mydomain:com; ns2:box:mydomain:com. They are currently ns15:domaincontrol:com; ns16:domaincontrol:com
If you are using External DNS, this may be OK.

And GoDaddy still does not let me change the Name Server records.

I would like MIAB to manage the DNS records for this domain just as the documentation suggests.

What exactly am I doing wrong?

You have skipped the step regarding adding ‘glue records’ to GoDaddy for the domain.

GoDaddy wants to pretend that they are special and therefore have invented their own ‘name’ for glue records.

I have linked to a guide that should help you.

Be sure that you go back and delete all of this:

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