Changing DNS records on GoDaddy 2

Hello, I read the article of the same name:

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The tutorial linked there for updating GoDaddy is out of date. I can’t figure out how to do it!

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OK, here is what I did (with help from a sysadmin!)

  1. GoDaddy just doesn’t support glue records, so you have to switch NS (or registrar) entirely. Before you can switch NS, see the below…

  2. Go to the “Advanced Features” box on the “DNS Management” page for your GoDaddy domain. This isn’t obvious, because a bit yellow warning there put me off looking at the content of the box at all! (Don’t make me think):

  1. Click on the “Host names” link in that box (this isn’t paid, despite the warning!).

  2. Click the ADD link:

  3. Once you’ve added ns1.mail and ns2.mail (with either or both IPV4 or IPV6), you can then use the hosts ns1.mail.mydomain.tld and ns2.mail.mydomain.tld in the alternative NS settings of GoDaddy…


Finally click ‘Add nameserver’ and wait a few hours… Few!

If someone can edit my post to re-enable the latter 3 images I think it would help a lot.

This statement is incorrect. GoDaddy uses their own terminology. They refer to “Glue Records” as “Hostnames”.

What you described is exactly what is described in the setup instructions - you created the glue records. Then you delegated the name servers to be pointed to your name servers on MiaB. :slight_smile:

Ahhh… thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

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