Changing Default Domain


I am trying to find out how to change the default domain that MIAB was setup with. That Domain is going to be retired and due to other reasons needs to be removed from MIAB. As an added bonus I do perform nightly backups to S3.

I have the default setup box.example01 currently.
I have additional domains, one being sample01.
How can I make sample01 the default domain and remove example01?

re-run the setup using the curl link on the homepage ( and change the domain.

It is not usually recommended, and I do not think it is supported.

Since there are less than 10 mailboxes and I have a current backup would it be advisable to just start the server from scratch and not include the domain I need to get rid of? Would it be best to pull all the mail data out and format or just restore from backup? I don’t know what all restoring from backup will do.

re-running the setup in this case should be fine. Of course take backups before.

Have you been successful in swapping the MAIN domain name?