Change where points

I am so sorry for posting, but I can’t seem to find the answer on the forums.

I want to change the IP of NS2.BOX so that it points at a slave nameserver (instead of pointing to the same IP as

My registrar has proper glue setup ( pointed to and ( pointed to

In my box settings I added a CNAME record and an A record which point to however when I check the slave’s ( zone records it shows that is pointed to and the Status Check of MIAB shows that ns1/ both point to

How can I get around this? Do I just need to add a different glue record (say and point it to and let ns1/ bot point to

Did you try adding it to the “Using a secondary nameserver” section?

This is a link from the setup guide:
Setup guide is here:

In fact I have looked at both of those guides before and yes the host name is entered into secondary nameserver section.

The issue seems to be that MIAB is overriding the NS records for locally to the box’s IP even though I want it pointed elsewhere.

You could try using ns3 or anything else.

Alright so I suppose I can use ns3 but here are my issues with that. (Besides the issue of the warning that ns1 and ns1 are on the same subnet because they point to the same place)

First off, I created a glue record with my registrar that has point to (my secondary “slave” DNS server). Now, I’ve noticed with DNS checking tools they complain if the glue records don’t match the DNS records on the box. The only way I can solve this is by creating an A record on my box that makes point to but unfortunately that points all IPv4 traffic to

Is there not a way to enter this in as an NS record instead of an A record? Can this be overridden in the config?

I’m running a secondary dns, but I haven’t done that via the glue records. The glue should point to your ns1, ns2 on the box. If you are using Gandi you can separately set your name servers. I have set those to be ns1 and is added to the slave section in MIAB. This will authorise that server to pull the zone. (Which it does about every 12 hours or so)

My personal secondary DNS is one I run. It doesn’t have a hostname naturally (say like gandi might have so where do I create its hostname? Do I create a glue ns3 for it?

Also having both glue ns1 and ns2 point to the same IP nameserver checkers complain they’re on the subnet and subsequently the same unit.

Alright so it all comes down to this… The WebUI’s custom DNS doesn’t seem to edit changing the A address of

Would I be burned at the stake if I change the A address of in the zones file itself? Or should I just forget about consistent naming a just have