Change SMTP 220 Responce


I would like to change the SMTP 220 Response. Currently I am receiving “Hi, I’m a Mail-in-a-Box (Ubuntu/Postfix; see “. Can anyone help me customize this response?


This would not be a supported change, however this is done in Postfix I believe:
Backup the configuration before editing.


smtpd_banner = This is a greeting / banner.

Variable for the hostname is $myhostname.if you need to use a variable in that string.

This will be overwritten with every update.


I will try it. Thank you for your quick response!


Actually, it may improve security, as broadcasting that the server is running mail-in-a-box gives a potential attacker the advantage of knowing the security policies and server configurations, since Mail-in-a-Box has a standard configuration.

I forgot who/what the theory is called where it is a security consideration where or not the protocol or system is known, because an unknown system/protocol is more secure, as attackers are at a disadvantage at approaching an unknown/unfamiliar system. If only I wrote it down…


A simple scan of port 80 on this server already describes it’s MIAB. So changing the banner for security is moot.


Well, if you change all the banners/responses to NOT include MIAB, then there would be an improvement of security.


Security by Obscurity


which some argue is no security at all …