Change NS2 (Nameserver2) IP address after install

Hi There…

I have installed MIAB successfully and it’s running great. The one thing I would like to clean up is changing the IP of the “…” name server.

The install gives both name servers the same IP, and my VPS has multiple external facing IP’s. I have set nsd to listen on both interfaces.

I need to do this as the Registrar requires different IP’s for name servers, so I have set it up at that level to point to the two external IP’s on my VPS. And that’s working great. I just need to alter the IP of he second MIAB name server to match.

Is there a way to alter the ns2 IP…???


You can assign your VPS 2 IPs and MIAB will listen on both I believe? Maybe with a small config change you can have NSD at the very least listen on 2 different IPs on the VPS itself then point ns1/2 to each IP respectively.

It seems that OP has this part down … but how can he (is it even possible the way that MiaB is even configured) get MiaB to assign to the second IP for DNS, etc?

See the second part of my reply :wink: A configuration change to NSD (the name server daemon in use by MIAB I believe)

Hello All…

I altered the zone files for (not using my real FQDN):


And that works, with the dig command returning the correct IP’s for the name servers.

Only one issue came up, with the zone files for domain-name resetting overnight…!!!

Any ideas…???

Exactly, daily maintenance will do this …

Hello All…

Forget to add, that MIAB complains about ns1 and ns2 not being the same IP. Not that this is an issue.

I do have a question which may render all of this pointless.

I have set the record at the Registrar to reflect:

  • ns1 has IP “A”
  • ns2 has IP “B”

Is it actually necessary for the DNS on the MIAB to reflect these same values so the resolution is actually correct? Or let MIAB do its thing and ignore the different IP’s set at the Registrar?



Thank you, I figured that was be the case. Kind of makes a config change difficult.


Honestly, this is a kludge that will work. Albeit, there needs to be a better way.

But honestly, the number of people who will have a set up like you do is minimal at best. Very few TLD’s require 2 different IP’s and of those which do, even less enforce it.

Actually, a better solution is to use a secondary DNS service so that your registry/registrar do not complain … is free and works well.


I have a DynDNS account and can do this.

There is just so many records to add, I’m not 100% confident to be able to migrate them all.

Is it possible to export the zone file?


That is the purpose of secondary DNS … they import the zone file automatically. Are you certain that you are thinking of secondary DNS?

ETA: No, you’re not. Dyn DNS is a Dynamic DNS provider, not a secondary DNS provider.

@MailSys If you want some help with this feel free to come to the MiaB slack where it would be easier to explain the difference and guide you to quickly setting up secondary DNS with Puck. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the offer.

If I may ask, the name of the channel is…???

Again, thank you.

There are only 2 … #random and #general. :stuck_out_tongue: