Change index page and redirect path


I have installed mail-in-a-box to my email server if entered my domain URL it is redirecting mail direct page.
https://my-domain-name.tld it is redirecting to

Show showing index page.

how can I change and add my custom page as the index page?

Thanks in advance.


You can find the index.html here:
if you want anything more than a basic static site I would host elsewhere and use a DNS entry to point to that.

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Thank you, it is WordPress website hosted in AWS EC2.

need to point WordPress page.

In that case go to the Custom DNS tab from the admin page and create A records and CNAME records you need for your site. You web server will take it from there with Vhost entries and any URL rewrites required.

I would change the DNS for NOT /

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Correct path is /mail/www/default/index.html

Is that something with new installs? Because mine are located at /home/user-data/www/ directory.