Change Glue Nameservers

Hello all!

Some time ago I set up Mail In a Box using Glue Nameservers for my domain,

At the time of setup, I chose to create (and use) the glue nameservers & however, now I would like to change it to and respectively.

I know what I have to do on the registrar side, but I am clueless what to do on Mail in a Box’s end. I can see that I have my zonefiles on /etc/nsd/zones and theoretically I could just edit them, but since they’re DNSSEC-signed, I am afraid to end up “bricking” it.

Has anyone ever done this?

Thank you!

Sorry but this is not possible utilizing Mail-in-a-Box unless you rewrite several portions of the code and maintain your own fork of the project.

I understand your desire to do so as that was my line of thinking several years ago as well.

Unless I’m misunderstanding something, I think you can just rerun the install script and provide the different hostname. I did just this at one time. Granted I wasn’t using miab for dns.

Alternatively, backup, create a new installation, and restore.

The question is not about changing hostnames … it is about changing the name servers.

I guess I would have thought changing the hostname would have changed the name server as well.
If that’s not the case, I think backup and restore is the option.

Please read the original post to see what this discussion is about. Thank you.

Thanks for your input, I figured as much

I’m currently using a work around which I hope it won’t break soon, which is to register the glue nameservers & pointing to MIAB’s IP Address, and then applying those Nameservers on the domain itself.

So far the only incompatibility I’ve found is DNSSEC since MIAB is generating the keys for and not

Thank you!

Run a test with leafdns or BuddyNS Delegation Labs so you can see how you’re breaking your domain’s DNS by not following the norms.

Yes, it will work, but it simply is not correct. And no, DNSSEC will NOT work.

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