Change Data Centre with DO to prevent Undelivered Mail (Blocked)


So we’re getting a lot of Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender for @hotmail, @outlook etc mailboxes. I believe the DO IP based in London is listed as blocked with MS.

Question 1) Does anyone know a data centre with IP range that isn’t blocked by MS?

Question 2) Yesterday I tried Amsterdam 3 (recommended by someone on this forum). I took a snapshot of my LON droplet with MIAB and turned it off. I then created a new droplet from that snapshot but in Amsterdam 3 and then updated my glue records to match the new IP. I then ran sudo mailinabox and nothing seemed to be right. I even tried a reboot. I continually got ‘nsd4 is not running’ and nothing seemed to be right. I have reverted back to the old LON droplet but what did I do wrong?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Sam

Hey Sam,
have you tried enrolling your server/IP in the Outlook Sender support? You can check your IP status there and also subscribe to mails that tell you why your mail has been rejected. Maybe that helps with your situation. Does anything come up when you test your mail against Might be a good indicator of the health of the IP address that you have been assigned.

Hi Sam,

Moving mail from London to Amsterdam DC DNS propagation can take up to 48 hours across the Internet. You can adjust all NS records TTL times down a day or two before the move to let’s to 15min.
Then move and if everything is right on the new host you can restore back to defaults.

Generally speaking moving mail you should not shut London instance immediately until you have Amsterdam functional. Then play with MX to redirect inboud mail to Amsterdam.

Glue record always takes time to update. dig, nslookup and alike are really useful when moving mail server.

Best regards,