Certificates issue with sub domains


I have a weird issue with certificates for subdomains, currently, I have several subdomains and for each one of them I have followed the instructions by creating an email address so miab would generate certificates automatically for them which is happening.

The issue is as follows: when I created the certificates for the first time miab labelled them subdomain.domain.com.date.pem. Therefore I used the certificate name in my nginx config files for each subdomain in the ssl_certificate and ssl_certificate_key field. However, after 3 months these certificates have expired and instead of being replaced, miab generated a set of new certificates which do not even have the same naming format, for example the new ones are domain.date.pem without the subdomain. at the start.

The only solution for this problem is to create some kind of symbolic link and make it point always out to the new certificates, but how to do so?

Currently, for each one of the subdomains I need to point out the new certificate manually after 3 months which does not make sense at all.

Thank you very much
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The only solution I have now is to generate these certificates manually using cerbot and then point the new location of these certificates from the nginx config files and not allowing miab to handle this

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