Case sensitive CNAME record

I have created a CNAME record pointing to: (ficticious), however dig shows it up as Notice the lower case letters. These are not the same. Unfortunately mail in a box interface shows it correctly with upper case letters.

I am slightly confused since I am not even sure where the problem could be. Any ideas where the case is being lowered?

Domain names are case-insensitive, and CNAME records specify domain names.

I might be misunderstanding but URLs can be case-sensitive.

Ah, I think I got it. CNAME shouldn’t point to a whole URL, only to a new domain… Let me give it a try then.

Doh, the problem with this is that I can’t create a forwarding of to where XpTo is case-sensitive.

You can’t create forwarding to a URL at all. You can only specify a domain name.

You’re right. Thanks for your patience and help.