Can't setup a new domain using m-i-b dns

First of all i have already installed m-i-a-b on a server and is working.
Now i have moved one site to a new server on digitalocean and the steps i followed to point my domain to the new server using m-i-a-b are:

  1. I created a new user
  2. I set Custom DNS A Record with the ip of the other droplet.
  3. I changed the nameserver on my domain with the one i created on the installation of m-i-a-b

The problem is that i can send and recieve emails but i can’t retrieve my domain.

-miab ip
-new droplet ip
-nameserver of miab points to and i have used the same namesrver to point to miab

Any help would be appreciated

Maybe it just needed some propagation time–sometimes you have to wait for the cache of the ISP you’re connecting through to clear before you can see the site. Your site seems to load okay for me and I see an Under Construction page.

Is it working like you wish now?

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