Can't receive emails from outside my box


First of all, thank you to all of the Mail-in-a-box developers for creating a tool that makes it easy to create a mail server with ease. I don’t have much experience in setting up email servers so please go easy :).

So long story short, I can send out emails just fine from my box but I can’t receive any emails from the outside world. I tried sending emails from GMAIL/HOTMAIL/YAHOO to my box but with no luck. My current setup is that Cloduflare handles my DNS and I have setup the MX records correctly in CF. Also, I have used mxtoolbox to confirm that the MX has been setup correctly and it shows all green there so I guess the DNS has propagated correctly. Here’s a screen capture for my admin

I have ran the test under /root/mailinabox/tests/ and the test passed also I tried sending an email to my self through the box and it worked. However, I can’t receive an email from the outside world or through any third party email service provider as I have mentioned above.

You need to set your nameservers at your domain’s registrar (GoDaddy, 1&1, etc).

@murgero, even if we are using Cloudflare?

if you want MIAB to manage your DNS, you must set you MIAB server as the nameservers for the domains your box will be receiving email for.

@murgero, thanks. So I changed the setup so MIAB can manage the DNS and here’s how I got it setup for now with cloudflare:

  1. is the server that handles the mail server and that’s a separate server than the domain So I greyed it out in CF as seen in the attached picture.

  2. I added MX as suggested with priority 10 as shown in the above attached picture.

  3. In namecheap which is my domain registrar I added the name servers as described in this wiki

I will really appreciate it if you can confirm my steps and suggest if I’m missing anything. I spent almost 18 hours trying to set it up :slight_smile: if everything has been setup correctly then I guess I will have to wait 24-48 hours till the NS propagates and I start receiving emails from outside the box

It looks good, you will need to add cloudflare as a “Secondary DNS Server” in MIAB too. We will see in the next 24-48 hours if it works, good luck!

www record should be an A record not a CNAME … isn’t it?

@murgero, so I got all green now

, however, when I do a dig NS it seems it’s still pointing to CF NS (I confirmed with namecheap that the glue records has been setup correctly). Also, I still can’t get emails from the outside world. So probably it still didn’t propagate fully yet. Almost 12 hours now so I will probably have to wait another 12 hours.

@just4t it can be either (www. is technically a subdomain) but cname is used because it is an alias.

but as a CNAME (alias) would not work in MiaB

The pic you see is on CloudFlares panel, not MIAB.

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