Can't read /var/mail/::

When upgrading my MiaB installation to 0.50 I encountered a strange error message that persists, even though the upgrade seems to have been (mostly) successful.

I ran the upgrade as usual via curl -s | sudo bash and got the message “from: can’t read /var/mail/::” as the output.
When I try to use the “mailinabox” command in a shell i get the same output.

So far I have not found any useful messages in any of the logs, the system seems to be working fine.

The other issue I encountered during the upgrade was a missing mta_sts_resolver (maybe the error broke something before it got installed?). The missing mta-sts-resolver broke the TLS(SSL) certificate page in the web interface (and the associated script), but this was all automagically fixed when I manually installed the resolver.

So, any ideas where this error message is coming from? The only thing in /var/mail is a hidden directory .spamassassin, which is empty.

Don’t know if this will make any difference, but the instructions say to use the -E option, like “… sudo -E bash

I’m not sure the -E does anything at all (the man page doesn’t talk about it) but it wouldn’t be the first time something like that makes a difference!

Frim the sudo manual:

-E, --preserve-env
Indicates to the security policy that the user wishes to preserve their existing environment variables. The security policy may return an error if the user does not have permission to preserve the environment.