Can't edit Custom DNS

Hi there

After preparing my Machine to migrate to an other Host and updating all packages i suddenly can’t open the Custom DNS page anymore.

The status page reports that ssh is password based and lists that web has been disabled for multiple domains because i use an external webserver. Anything else is green.

I’ve re-run the setup and also rebooted the server.
Currently running MIAB v0.54

The custem DNS entrys that exist still work just fine.

Does everything in /home/user-data/dns/custom.yaml look like it should?

Yeah. Looks fine.
  CAA: 128 issue ""

_secondary_nameserver: xfr:

There are multiple domains but they all look the same

Following. I have the same problem here.

Are there any domains there that you don’t have email accounts configured for?

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Yeah. After removing the no longer used domains it works again.


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