Cannot send mail through Thunderbird?


I have issue with thunderbird.
It seems I cannot send email from it, as I get some timeout issue.

The server as been configured months ago, and I think it was working before (I do not use it for my daily mail yet)
I don t know where to look for log, as I don t see anything on the /var/log/mail on the box.

in thunderbird, it is configure like this l
Server :
Port : 587
Secure connection : STARTTLS
Methode : Normal Password
User name :
(my username)

Any idea where to look ?
sending email from the miab interface, and an iphone work fine :slight_smile:


So log in via SSH and then do

tail -f /var/log/mail.log

then try accessing via Thunderbird … you should see the connection attempt in real time in the terminal and determine the error from the output.

yeah I meant /var/log/mail.log
so the log doesn’t move and there is no log entry when I send email.
on Thunderbird, it tries to send email, and time out

Are you accessing the MiaB via Thunderbird with the same IP address as you are connecting to webmail with? My first thought is that fail2ban has blocked your IP address … but if you can access Roundcube from the same location, then that may not be the issue.

Yeah, I can receive email, and connect to rouncube…
I don t see anything on the log when I try to send email… I don’t know where the blocage is coming from