Can I migrate emails from a cPanel account to MiAB?

Hi there,

I was wondering if is that possible, once I have never messed up with cPanel accounts before.

Well, I’ll need to add a second domain to my MiAB. And this domain is hosted in a server which uses cPanel.

I need to pick all the emails from one unique account at this external server. Is there a way to import those emails into MiAB?

Thanks once again.

I don’t know anything about cPanel, but perhaps imapsync is an option?

I used imapsync to migrate my server and it worked fine. I installed it locally on a Debian 11 proxmox VM, One thing to watch out for is with specific special characters in the password name. You needed to use a different way to quote either using a single ‘ or “ or combination of both.

Thank you very much, @KiekerJan and @eXTric ,

I’ll give imapsync a try. The only problem I see is the 3GB limit (the account I need to transfer has more than 5GB). But maybe I can reduce its size deleting old messages. :slight_smile:

I am not aware of a mailbox limit when i hosted the tool myself.

I believe there is only a limit when when you use the online service.

That’s really great. I’ll try it . :slight_smile:

I have done this recently. I used Thunderbird. I connected using pop to my email hosted in cPanel and smtp to my MIAB server. Then I simply copied and pasted emails between the two.

Well, I can say that imapsync worked very well for me. I got to import around 4GB.

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