Can I change the Fail2ban settings?


Is it possible to slightly adjust the Fail2Ban settings, or will these be overwritten?


They will be overwritten, at the very least with each MiaB project update.

Is there any way to whitelist an IP address? We here have six devices each checking three e-mail addresses (one is shared) each on an MIAB, and we all find we’re temporarily being blocked if there are any issues.

@kurucu There are several jails configured. (See command fail2ban-client status)

If you know what service you’re trying to whitelist (I’d imagine dovecot if you’re talking about checking email), you could run fail2ban-client set dovecot addignoreip <IP>, assuming these are static IP addresses.

This may not survive an upgrade any more than editing a file would be (I have not tested), but easy enough to save the command.


Thank you, I think there is a lot of chatter around regarding the whitelisting approach. Main answers you’ve covered: a) do it using the client and not jail.conf and b) it won’t necessarily survive an upgrade.

The accounts are all working fine now, the issue is that if one device on the network has an old password, then it takes the whole house down with it.

This feature suggestion may just get closed, but at least it will provide some certainty to the situation.

All- Let’s try to call this concept “allow-listing” here, please.

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